Friday, April 28, 2006

we can fix this stuff...if we would

if i understand things correctly, the high cost of gasoline could be resolved by doing the following:

  1. build refineries. we haven't built a new on since 1976.
  2. abolish or at least "hamstring" the epa. too many dumb rules that have are killing our ability to accomplish item no. 1
  3. drill, drill, drill! if you have to punch right through a caribou's head, drill. (see item no. 2)
  4. get on the oil/sands and synthetic fuels bandwagons.
  5. get over ourselves. we don't NEED huge suv's and hummers. let's be honest--it's an ego thing.
  6. demand better stewardship of the taxes that are collected on gasoline sales ($0.60 per gallon and better).

on to another topic that frustrates me: illegal immigration. this one seems pretty simple to me, too:

  1. close the border. close it today!
  2. make the process for becoming a citizen simple and streamlined for those that really want to become citizens.
  3. require some kind of secure identification for those who have started the process of becoming citizens.
  4. no driver's license, no free medical services (government funded), no free social services,(again, government funded) etc. for anyone not having proper identification.
  5. children born to illegal parents should not automatically become citizens.
  6. stiff penalties for employers knowingly hiring illegals.
  7. call them what they are: ILLEGAL. until their status is changed thru the proper channels, they are not "undocumented workers" or "guest workers." the word guest implies "welcome and invited."
  8. before you get all riled up and call me "hate monger," check out mexico's stance on illegal immigrants.
  9. on an even more sarcastic note: tomorrow has been designated "a day without immigrants." should they actually stay home, i will enjoy at least one day not worrying about being hit by a non-insured, non-english speaking individual on his or her way to their "cash under the table, which means no taxes" job.

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