Thursday, July 20, 2006


bankthermometerI've been away for several days. Alex (my 13-year-old) and I were among several thousand IDIOTS that went to Six Flags Over Texas this past Tuesday. Actually, it wasn't that bad. The heat (107 that day) kept the attendance down and we ended up riding everything pretty much whenever we wanted. At one point, we rode Batman six times in a row...actually, I rode with Alex and his two cousins three times; I got off and they rode four more times. Three times is enough for a slightly overweight parent pushing 50 years. Alex rode the Titan rollercoaster somewhere around 6 or 8 times. I lost count.

Still hot today...BUT Saturday is only supposed to get up to 88°!

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Cheatwoods said...

tell me about it it was 114 here in Atascadero California! That is to stinken Hot!!