Friday, March 30, 2007


I wish I were a photographer. Not as a profession, just someone that understands the subject, knows what "F stops" really mean, is able to see a great shot, etc. They--people that know about these things--say the best way to become a good photographer is to take LOTS of pictures. So, I'll try. To that end, I joined a "photo group" on flickr today--aptly named flickr: Friday Photo. One of the "rules" is that group members post photos to the group on, of all days, Friday and also post same photos to their personal blog (at least that's how I understood it). Anyway, below are my first two contributions.

I work for a manufacturing plant that designs and builds shell-and-tube heat exchangers (refinery equipment), which in simplest terms are over-sized radiators. This shot was taken in our machine shop where we have some VERY OLD drills. They still work, but they aren't used as much since we purchased a couple of "gantry system" machines that do most of our drilling; some machining.

This picture is a pile of tubing odds and ends. This is what is left after all the tubes are cut to size for each exchanger. I liked all the different angles. And that is my intial foray into the flickr: Friday Photo

Click here for my flickr photo page.

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