Friday, September 07, 2007

A Question for Kyla

Kyla Ebbert is the 23-year-old coed that was asked to "cover up" or get off a Southwest Airlines flight about two months ago. According to the flight attendant, Kyla's outfit "was too revealing." After adjusting her clothing to better conceal her offending body parts, she was allowed to make the flight from San Diego to Tucson for a doctor's appointment (all the San Diego doctors were busy). Recounting the incident on The Today Show Ms. Ebbert stated:

I didn’t want to draw attention. I just sat there crying. [I] was so embarrassed [I] requested a blanket to cover myself for the flight. I was humiliated, I was embarrassed. I felt like everyone was staring.
OK, Kyla, a couple of things: (1) I've seen the "outfit" and I'm not surprised people were staring. If you don't want to be stared at, don't flaunt the goods. (2) YOU WORK AT HOOTERS!!! Besides having great hot wings (I've been told; I've never been to a Hooters restaurant), my understanding of their marketing strategy is large breasted women in tight shirts and very small shorts serving food to dirty old men who will be STARING AT THEM!!!

I've got a question for Kyla: You weren't the valedictorian of your class, were you?

PS: She's already got an idiot lawyer; they'll sue; they'll probably win. What a great country.


Joe Martino said...

like it or not this is still America and she has rights. One of those is she can wear what she wants. That flight attendant was way out of line. BTW, I'm changing my bookmark of this site to Keith hate Freedom and Me. :)

Keith said...

Joe: You may have read more into the post than intended. I agree she has every right (except for nudity) to wear what she wants...but she shouldn't complain if people stare. After all, that's one of the prerequisites of her job--she must possess something(s) to STARE AT!

Flight attendant was out of line, especially since there was no official "dress code" for passengers -- although sometimes I wish there was.

No hate here Joe. You actually make things fun.

Joe Martino said...

I don't think (I'm guessing b/c I don't know the girl) but I don't think she meant she was all that concerned when people were staring at her before the flight attendant went all Victorian on her. I think after that she was embarrassed, which makes sense.
Ok, I'm back to cooking supper

Ken Silva said...

Hmm, it would seem there are those who might need to purchase a sense of humor.

And they say Calvinists haven't any fun ;-)


How does preterism fit into your comments/observations about Kyla? Cuz that's mostly what they talk about at Hooters is preterism, isn't it?

Oops--that was predatorism

-my bad sorry.


Keith said...

All For Once...: Thanks for the chuckle.

As far as the EC Bible Study, I think the attendees "preterist view" would believe that the Hooters waitress had ALREADY brought the hot wings they ordered!