Monday, August 04, 2008

Obama's New Plan

In order to help American's with the high cost of fuel, Obama says he would tax the profits of the mean ol' oil companies to provide $1000 rebates to folks struggling with high energy costs. (Source) Boy, I just hope those blood-suckin' oil companies don't try to pass that tax on to the consumers!...oops, I may have just let the cat out of the bag.

(psstttt...I used to just think that Obama was stupid. Now he's gone and opened his mouth and proved me right.)


butros said...

obama stupid? i think that may be a stretch. seriously, he may be a friend of a terrorist, devout student of a racist, dancing around a question yayhoo. but stupid. gimme a break. hes just what this country needs. lol

Keith said...

"Stupid"-- as I said-- if he thinks the oil companies are going to eat a windfall tax. Take it from the oil companies, give it to gullible Americans who'll spend it on cigarettes, beer and lottery tickets. In the meantime...why did the price of gas go back up?! The oil companies WILL cover the cost of Obama's and I will fund it. (I know; I work in the oil/gas industry and we AIN'T paying for no "windfall profits tax.")

"What this country needs?" Check back with me if the "Savior" gets in to the White House and we'll see if you (and the media that has put him in the spotlight) feel the same way.