Thursday, December 23, 2010

What the Heck Does this Mean?

I have some very strange dreams; some of them recurring. You know the ones--you go to work naked or you can fly by holding your arms out and running real fast. (Surely, I'm not the only person that has had those dreams)

Last night was definitely one of the more bizarre dreams I've had: I'm driving an older Chevrolet pickup truck, probably a 1964 or 65 model--blue with tan interior (yes, I dream in color; doesn't everybody?). The interesting thing is I am driving from the passenger side of the truck, my left foot on the gas pedal, steering with my left hand. The windows of the truck are down as I drive at a fairly high rate of speed down a street of the town where I grew up. Ahead of me, on the right side of the street, is a young, middle-eastern man riding a Schwinn Cruiser (my dreams are quite detailed sometimes). As I pull abreast of him, he turns to me and asks: "There are quite a large number of cases of mono[nucleosis] in the United States, aren't there?"

My wife's alarm went off and I woke up.


Jim W said...

You have GOT to lay off the anchovy pizzas before bedtime.

Steph T. said...

LOL! That is funny Keith!! Love it! I have strange dreams too. Do you remember when you dreamed I was pregnant & I was...I just hadn't told anyone...LOL!! NO more dreaming that nonsense though. HA!

Keith said...

Steph: Maybe it was a "word from the Lord!"

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that because you were on the wrong side of the road, that you might have been reflecting. Seeing your dream through a mirror. :-)

I dream in extreme detail and in color also. My favorite dream was when I was chased by a man in a red coach and a pig's head. I was on my blue bicycle and came into a small German type village. I saw a life sized shadow box and got in it. I started singing with Julie Andrews in the shadow box while wearing dutch looking skirts and shoes. Who knows what that dream was about. I just remembering thinking when I woke that I could make some money on that song if I could remember how it went.