Saturday, April 09, 2011

Your Tax Dollars At Work

I am on the Board of Directors for a local "crisis pregnancy center." The center began over 20 years ago as a ministry/vision to help young girls who are pregnant. When we started, we did pregnancy tests, counseling, etc

Today, we are a certified medical facility offering FREE ultrasounds, as well as information, counseling (obviously pro-life), baby strollers, clothes, diapers, formula, parenting classes, car seats, etc. ALL FREE!!!

Not once in 20 years have we received a single penny from any government agency. All of our operating expenses have been covered by the generous donations of individuals and churches in the community who believe in what we are doing. We have a small paid office staff, including a registered nurse and over 40 volunteers who help with everything from organizing the clothing and answering phones to mentoring the girls who come in to the center.

So can someone explain to me: If Planned Parenthood is such a much needed, necessary organization, why haven't people/private citizens stuck a crowbar in their wallets and funded it?!! Why do Democrats/Liberals feel it's the government's responsibility to provide a service like Planned Parenthood with MY tax dollars, but expect those of us with an opposing view (i.e. pro-life) to pay own own way?

Democrats/Liberals/Pro-Choice advocates need to put their money where their mouth is! If you fall into that category and believe it is a vital, necessary service, then support it. The idea that the majority of the people (taxpayers) should finance YOUR ideology, but not support MINE makes absolutely no sense. What I think they really fear is that, without forced support, aka TAXES, the pro-abortion services will not be available...and just maybe that is a more accurate opinion of the American people.

If the pro-choice side wants these services and feels they are necessary, then pay for them yourselves. Find the donors. Raise the money, pay your own rent, solicit your own donations. (Maybe you could persuade people like Al Gore and Joe Biden to be a little more generous with their charitable giving). We did it...and continue to do so after over 20 years.

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