Wednesday, June 15, 2011

During the Time You Read This...

During the time you will read this, your heart will beat approximately 60-70 times per minute, pumping nearly five quarts of blood through your body with amazing efficiency. At 70 beats per minute, that equals over 100000 beats per day and the equivalent of 2000 gallons of blood! It is estimated your heart will beat about 3 BILLION times during a 70 year lifetime.

During this same time, you will take anywhere from 12 to 20 breaths per minute. In taking those breaths, you will pump almost 10000 quarts of air through you lungs in a day! The air contains oxygen which is added to your bloodstream and carried throughout your body—at the same time, carbon dioxide is extracted from the blood and expelled from your body.

You will have gazed at a computer screen with eyes that send signals to your brain as you scan thousands of dots, representing words, sentences and images, which are instantaneously processed and converted into comprehendible ideas and thoughts. Some of those same thoughts/images will be stored and retrieved with amazing recall and accuracy until the day you draw your last breath.

You can pick up a flower or cradle a child's face with hands that respond to your impulse to do so---in NANOSECONDS! You put one foot in front of the other and effortlessly walk or run to wherever you desire. With your mouth and tongue working in concert, you speak and communicate you love for your wife/husband/child/friend. You express yourself with words, facial expressions, and body movements all controlled by mere thought or emotion.

And the most amazing thing…all of these things you do, your body does without your having to remind it, to program it or to teach it! Where did this incredible thing we call the human body come from and how does it have the abilities it does? GOD. God planned it, created it and HE sustains it. Life is no accident. Look around. Look beyond the wonder of the human body and see the amazing world we live in. This planet sits at exactly the right spot in the universe that it's not too cold or too hot. It sits at the EXACT angle and spins and travels about the sun within a precise timeframe and path. Consider the "laws" of gravity, force, etc. All constant. All designed and implement by God. Evolution?! Hardly.

God is REAL. He is not "mother nature." He is THE God of this universe. THE CREATOR.

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