Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bad Stuff, Stupid Stuff, Good Stuff

Notice: The following items/thoughts are in no particlar order in relation to the title of this post.

This is just SICK! Someone needs to take a belt to the backside of these kids. I am for the death penalty 1000% when it comes to idiotic, absolutely premeditated behavior like this.

Can someone PLEASE tell me why or how this or this is considered "stylish", cool, or whatever term you wish to apply?!

Seth McBee over at Contend Earnestly has begun a series about Calvinism in response to comments by Dr. John Goetsch. Pretty good so far. Check it out.

Mike Ratliff over at Possessing Treasure calls us to action, to "[do] what we are called to do" in his recent post entitled "No One Knows That Day and Hour". Give it a read.

The New York Post reports: "Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's decision to stand by her man after the Monica Lewinsky scandal is seen as a sign of strength by 56 percent of voters, a poll says." If you can stand it, here's "the rest of the story" (apologies to Paul Harvey)

UNBELIEVABLE story about a baby that was born at 22 weeks into the pregnancy. The baby was born Oct 24, 2006 and is expected to go home today.

I spent the weekend in Dallas, taking a certification test for work (I don't think I did very well-not because I didn't study; it was just different from what I expected. I'm not making excuses--it really was a hard test)...anyway, I got to spend some time with my brother and his family and that's always good. This week, it's back to work, catching up on all the things that I'd put off while I studied for the exam (that I don't think I did very well on, but I've already mentioned that haven't I?) In this morning at 5:15 AM. Probably won't leave work until 5:00 PM. LONG DAY!!!

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