Monday, December 24, 2007

The Indescribable Gift

I work for a manufacturing company that designs and build shell-and-tube heat exchangers which are used primarily in oil refineries. The company has been in business since the early 70's, with several employees still working there from day one (I've been there almost 20 years). Over the years, as the company has prospered, the principles/share holders (of which I am one) have shared a portion of the year's profits with the employees in the form of a Christmas bonus.

This year was an exceptional year--in fact, we recorded record sales and in appreciation of the shop's hard work and in celebration of the year's exceptional profits--management gave away $1 MILLION to approximately 110 shop employees! The bonus pool was distributed based on an employee's tenure and base pay. Several individuals walked out the door that day with a bonus check in excess of $20k! It was really a fun day to watch and hear the expressions on those people's faces. They had no idea a bonus of this size was coming.

I spoke with one man that has been with the company long enough his bonus, well, let's just say: It was REALLY good! I walked into his office right after he had called his wife with the news. "Keith," he said, "my wife is STILL bawling. This is the best Christmas bonus I've EVER gotten in my life! If you took ALL of the bonuses I've gotten from every place I've wouldn't equal THIS!!!" I heard comments like that all day. People had received a bonus (gift) that was beyond anything they could have imagined.

Tomorrow is Christmas- the day we celebrate God's greatest gift to mankind. He is undeserved, we are unworthy, He is holy, we are not, He is The Savior, we are sinners in desperate need of a Savior. Jesus is the REAL "indescribalbe gift" given to man. On this day, praise Him, worship, Him, give thanks to Him for being the gift beyond anything we could imagine.

Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift! -- 2 Corinthians 9:15


Henry (Rick) Frueh said...

And you and I have received eternal life, not for a job well done, but in exchange for our sin. Have a great holiday and New Year Keith!


Keith said...

Amen, Rick.

I hope you are feeling well this Christmas season.

kirby said...

I'm guessing either "Energy Exchangers" or "FinTube". Maybe Zink?


I live in Owasso/Collinsville. Energy Exchangers is one of my clients (I'm a computer consultant).