Sunday, March 30, 2008


Purple is one of my favorite colors. This farm is located about 2 miles from my house. I'm still playing with the settings on my new DSLR.



Rick Beckman said...

Nice new camera. :) And cool pics with it!

I just bought a new camera myself... Nowhere nearly as fancy, but I spent a third as much as you did too. has the only pic I've polished & published from it so far.

Anonymous said...

I see those little purple flowers everywhere!
My oldest daughter asked me what they were called and I didn't know. do you know, Keith?

Keith said...

Rick: Nice pic of your dad. I'm an amateur at best. I try to take my camera with me to work everyday and most everywhere I go. I drives my wife and kids nuts sometimes.

Mee: I've always referred to them as weeds; they look kinda like purple vervain according to Wikipedia. To be honest...I'm really not sure. I know I've got them in my yard--and the first calm day I can get the sprayer out---THEY'RE DEAD!!!

Rick Beckman said...

I thought about taking my camera to work with me as well -- I've been taking this one a lot more places than I did my old one -- but walking around Wal-mart snapping pictures just seems way too weird. Maybe I'll do it just to be abnormal. :)

Keith said...

Rick: I've actually done that...the Wal-Mart picture taking excursion. People do look at you funny!

thebeef said...

hahaha speaking of wal-mart and cameras, i did a high school project there once. videoed some interviews with people reacting to the bush-gore-Florida-ballot debacle. got some funny comments, but after 3 interviews a vested man approached me and asked me to leave the premises. when i asked him why he just asked me if the camera was off, and told me to leave now or we would be arrested. needless to say somewhere i could dig up some funny footage of a vested guy threatening highschoolers with arrest! everytime i walk into wal-mart i think of that day and wonder if that vested guy got promoted to cashier or something. LOL