Friday, April 11, 2008

Telemarketers / Friday Photos

The caller ID said: "Unknown Name, Unknown Number." Normally I wouldn't answer the call, but my parents live out of state and sometimes their number doesn't show up. It was late in the evening, and my dad's health isn't all that great--it might be mom calling. Phone calls late at night are sometimes bad news--not that I'm looking for bad news, but you never know. On top of that, my mom has had some surgery recently, so I figured I'd better take the call...just in case.

[Muffled talking in background]
"Hello" (again).
"Uh, Mr. Whitfield?"
"Mr. Whitfield, I'm calling about your wireless service. Could you answer just a few questions for me this evening?"
"I suppose so." And the monotenous questions began.

What was supposed to be "just a few questions" turned into endless "How would you rate your wireless service? Very satisfactory. Somewhat satisfactory. Sorta satisfactory. Just satisfactory. Sometimes satisfactory. Satisfactory. Rarely satisfactory. Never satisfactory. OR, I hate it so bad I could scream?"
"What was the third one?"

I finally stopped the guy and asked: "How many more questions do you have. Honestly, I was just trying to be nice, but I really don't have time for much more of this."

"Oh, it'll only be about five more minutes," he replied. FIVE MORE MINUTES?! I hung up. I don't care if my wireless service knows what I think about them. Actually, they already do know--I've called them four times in the past three months and told how bad they are. Lot of good it will do. My contract doesn't end until December 2023, or something like that.

Friday Photos

High Water


Alex and His Guitar

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