Monday, April 14, 2008


My two sons pooled their money and bought themselves a Nintendo Wii. The PS2 just wasn't cuttin' the mustard (I guess). If you're not familiar with the Wii, it's a video game console that attaches to your televsion...but what makes it unique is that it is wireless, i.e. there are no wires attaching the game controllers to the console (the console IS wired to the TV). You have a "motion detector" of sorts that sits on top of the TV that tracks you're movements. This technology opens up all kinds of game play.

The Wii came with several "virtual games" such as bowling, tennis, and baseball. Using one of the game controllers you--if bowling--go through all the motions of bowling while the motion detector tracks your movements and translates them to your television. The result is that you can "virtually" bowl or play tennis or hit a home run without ever leaving you living room. It's virtual exercise without having to really exercise!

I got to thinking, as I was watching the boys "vitually box" and beat the snot out of each other, you could apply this to lots of things. How about virual mowing? Or virtual eating? You could mow your lawn and do it all in the air conditioned comfort of your living room or you could eat the entire "Old 96er" and not gain a pound!

Where I think this technology could really be useful is church. You could have your own "virtual congregation" complete with virtual choir (or not), pass the virtual offering plate and listen to a virtual sermon...all controlled by you! Don't like "fire and brimstone" preaching? No problem, just select your sermon intensity with your wireless controller. Need a little less condemnation and a little more affirmation? How about a little more modern music? Casual atmosphere or "high church?" Shorter service? Less talk about hell and more talk about how to live a better (best) life now? Not a problem!!! Just make your WiiChurch style selections, sit back in your Lazy-Boy (you can even do that in your jammies if you want) and be blessed by a service created for you, BY YOU!

Boy, if this would catch on in...wait a minute, I think it already has. And all without the Wii. Guess I'm a little too late with a great idea.


thebeef said...

I'm not gonna lie, i sense a little cynicism in this post. lol

Keith said...

thebeef: "a little cynicism?" I was hoping you would sense a LOT!

thebeef said...

lol yeah, well, if you take the entire seating capacity of the astro dome and multiply it by the greatest common denominator and then add 1,000 then divide by the quotient of 8/32 then multiply again by, lets just be modest and say the circumference of jupiter, id say youd at least be able to quantify the amount of cynicism i picked up on. and that my friend, is THE proven method and theorem of finding the mathematic logarithm of cynicism...

Rick Frueh said...

Keith is the internet Shaman of cynicism. On the first day of class he walks out and says, "I don't really believe any of you are interested in cynicism!".

What a mentor! :)