Wednesday, February 15, 2006


my dad very much dislikes the "concept" of calvinism. mainly, i think it's because he really doesn't know what it is (or isn't for that matter.) one of his main arguments against calvinism is john 3:16. he says: "God...loved the world, therefore salvation is available to everyone. if God loves the world, there's no way that 'election' means that God sovereignly chose some for salvation and passed over others." i've tried to talk to him; given him some literature, but he's pretty much made up his mind.

here's a good blog on what calvinism is not.

edit: i'm pretty excited. i found a new, un-opened set of hendriksen commentaries on ebay this weekend for $135. the seller says they'll be here in 4-9 business days.

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Rick Beckman said...

Okay, digging up an old post (sorry 'bout that!). I can relate a bit with your dealings with your dad. My dad felt the same way about me becoming a Christian as yours did when you became a Calvinist.

Though mine seemed a bit happy that I became a Calvinist; he's hoping that being in such an "absurd" system will make me see just how greatly "absurd" the Bible is, if Calvinism is indeed what it teaches.

May the Lord open the hearts, eyes, and ears of both our fathers, if He hasn't yours already.