Saturday, February 18, 2006

save the planet

several days ago, i caught a news story re: rick warren and a host of phd's who are concerned about global warming. they have issued a document ("call to action") entitled evangelical climate initiative. during the press conference, warren stated: "millions of people could die in this century because of climate change, most of them our poorest global neighbors..." i made some comments on another blogsite that raised the ire of one particular canadian. we exchanged a couple of comments, but the dialog appears to be dead.

several bloggers, much better at this than myself, have checked in on this topic. steve camp had some really good (and funny) comments. as i stated in my other blog (currently in the process of being abandoned), i don't think we should trash the earth, but at the same time, i'm not worried that God can't take care of things himself. quoting isaiah 40:12-- "[God] has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand, and marked off the heavens by the span and calculated the dust of the earth by the measure and weighed the mountains in a balance, and the hills in a pair of scales." it doesn't sound like God needs our help to save the earth, if that is what he chooses to do.

along the same line, steve camp points to john calvin's comments "about man's relationship with God's creation:"

"It is clear," cites Jason Foster, "that for Calvin, the creation is subject to the ongoing sovereign and providential governance of God. Commenting on Psalm 104:4. Calvin says, 'By these words we are taught that the winds do not blow by chance, nor the lightnings flash by a fortuitous impulse, but that God, in the exercise of his sovereign power, rules and controls all the agitations and disturbances of the atmosphere.'(11) Calvin rejects the view that created things are infused with the necessary inherent energy to sustain themselves absent divine providence, and instead, insists upon the necessity of God’s sustaining activity in governing the world.(12) So even though God... commands man in the pre-Fall period to maintain the quality of the creation, it is God who ultimately controls and cares for it, both directly and indirectly."(13) (Reformed Perspectives Magazine, Volume 7, Number 51, December 18 to December 24, 2005 )

Note: References may be viewed at steve camp's blog warren's wacky environmental agenda

i think i once heard john macarthur (touching on a similar subject) say: "shoot a deer, eat a steak, walk on the grass."

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