Saturday, August 12, 2006

Church Silliness

I found this photo on Tom Ascol's blog. It doesn't need a caption.

The Willow Creek Leadership Conference (sorry no link, I just can't make myself do it) is in full swing. Rock star, Bono of U2 fame, is/was one of the guest speakers. "The main thrust of the Scriptures is to meet Christ in working with the poor," the U2 front man told his viewers. REALLY!? So what's all this stuff I'm reading in the Bible about my sin, my need for a Savior, and God sending His Son to earth to pay the price for my sin? Filler?!

In a recent interview, another Leadership Conference speaker- Jim Collins, author of Good to Great- responded to a Christianity Today interview:

CT: How does a good church bgegin moving toward greatness?
Jim Collins: By getting the right people in the key seats...
"Jesus said, '...upon this rock I will build my church.'" (Matthew 16:18) I guess Jesus wasn't reading the right leadership books. Interestingly, Mr. Collins doesn't mention Jesus Christ, the Cross, repentance, or obedience to the Word of God-- yet he is a featured speaker at a "leadership conference" for CHURCH leaders. Read the article.

I see lots of "churches" that say they cater to "the unchurched." So I'm wondering: What happens when the unchurched become CHURCHED?! Are they asked to leave to make room for more "unchurched" people?


Tim said...

If you would have gone to the conference as opposed to reading about it you would have seen that he also spoke about the need to be freed from sin and become a part of the local church. This was a big part of the discussion between Hybles and Bono. His main point was that the church lead the way in the plight to help the poor and those most in need. I am pretty sure the bible reffers to this as the pure religion. What have you done to help the poor this week?

Keith said...

I sponsor (and have for years) a chld in India. I also contribute to the Salvation Army in my area. I'm sorry I haven't done more.

re: Bono as a spokesman for the church-- I might listen to him if he would clean up his language. If he can clean it up for the "conference", he can clean it up 24-7. I seem to remember he favors the "F" word. Just because he "helps the poor" doesn't negate the admonition of Scripture to refrain from coarse or filthy language.

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