Friday, August 04, 2006

A Variety of Things on Friday

Number 1
Cal Thomas probably said it best (commenting on Mel Gibson's recent arrest for DUI and the anti-semetic comments made by the actor during the incident):

Maybe I'll sound like an old fogy or some reincarnated Puritan by asking this, but what was a married man with seven children doing in a bar until 2 a.m. with young women hanging all over him? Why do people who get caught doing something wrong - we used to have standards for determining such things - always blame alcohol, or abuse as a child, or temporary insanity, or a mental lapse that is not indicative of "who I really am," or a force beyond them ("the devil made me do it") to absolve themselves of personal moral guilt? Commentators seem to care more about the offense to Jews than Gibson's offense to his wife and children and to the idea of what it means to be married ("forsaking all others"). (Taken from )
I think it's a pretty good question.

Number 2
I am NOT an OU (Oklahoma Sooners) fan- but my hat's off to Head Coach, Bob Stoops. He made the tough decision and he isn't backing down.

Number 3
Parents of small children, especially little girls, need to read Mike Adams latest column. In his usual, no-holds-barred style, Adams makes some interesting observations about his neighbor's children:

On my daily jog though my neighborhood I ran by the house of a man I know fairly well. His garage door was open and music was blaring out of a jam box inside - in fact, the music was so loud it was barely recognizable. But I could tell the song was “These boots are made for walking,” which was popularized by Nancy Sinatra in the 1960s. His two grandchildren were dancing in the driveway to the recent remake of the tune, sung by Jessica Simpson.

As my neighbor’s two grandchildren were standing in the driveway - while gyrating their hips like a couple of prostitutes - I noticed they were both wearing cutoff “Daisy Duke” style short and halter tops. The oldest girl looked like she was wearing mascara. She is 11 years old, by the way. Her younger sister is nine. (Read the entire column here.)

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