Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sweating in the Spirit

While going through my daily "blog roll", I stopped by Purgatorio's latest post which features some of the finest aircraft currently owned by the likes of Benny Hinn and Jesse Duplantis. The TV "preachin' bidness" must be a pretty good gig! Good grief...Benny and Joyce Meyers are "flying the friendly skies" in $4.5 MILLION jets! That's quite a ride. More here.

After swallowing my tongue over the airplane story, my ADHD kicked in and my eye caught a link to Paula White's website (she owns a jet too, but it's not as nice as Benny's). Paula, whose "ministry" I'm not very familiar with, obviously does pretty well. Describing herself as a "Rich Woman", Paula offers the following tips:

A Rich Woman’s Keys To Being a Successful Investor
1. Education
2. Start Small
3. Stay Close to Home
4. Put Little Money Down
5. Set Yourself Up To Win
6. Choose Your Circle Wisely
7. Remember that Investing Is A Process
8. Always Keep Learning
9. Have Fun!

But the thing that really caught my eye was the ad on the right side of the website for Donna Richardson Joyner's Sweating in the Spirit (I'm not making this up!) workout video. If I'm lyin', I'm dyin'!

My head just exploded...where's the duct tape?!


Friend of Sinners said...

I not sure if anyone else caught it but the Glenn Beck comment at the end of this blog seems a little out of character for someone who tends to discredit anyone or anything that has even the slightest difference of oppinion. Am I to think that you are ok with mormon radio hosts now?

Keith said...

To "Friend of Sinners": Since you have no blog and seem to prefer annonimity, I'll answer your question/comments here.

You weren't very specific so I'm guessing that "someone who tends to discredit anyone or anything..." is ME. I have no problem with someone having a different opinion, but I do have a problem with people that preach a different Gospel. Nowhere in Scripture do I find teachings like those of Paula White and othes who advocate, among other things, that "God wants me (i.e. everyone) to be rich." Are you actually familiar with any of the ministries I referred to? Have you read any of their publications or websites or watched them on TV. More importantly, have you actually studied Scripture to be able to have an opinion as to where these ministries line up with the Word of God? I have, and I stand by the conclusions/thoughts expressed in the blog.

As far as Glenn Beck, I think he's funny. I agree with his stance on immigrantion, I disagree with his stance on the death penalty. I listen to his show most every day, but that doesn't mean I'm OK with his "religion." He espouses many of the same values I find in Scripture, but I do not accept his religion as the "Christianity of the Bible" for many reasons that I won't go into here. Again, I've studied the Mormon religion; I even have family members that are Mormon, so I have first hand knowledge of their beliefs. Do you?

Do you base 100% of all your purchases on whether the owner agrees with everything you do? I doubt it. I'm OK with Glenn and his humor; I do not endorse his religion.

gasomatic said...

Sounds like to me that you are sleeping with the devil. Some of that mormomism might just rub off on you. I love nude men but I don't purchase Playgirl.