Saturday, December 02, 2006

Let it Snow!

We have been homebound for the past three days due to a storm that dumped over 10 inches of snow in the Tulsa area. For you folks up north, I know that isn't much, but here in the "Bible belt"-- that's a GOB o' snow!!! (gob slang "a whole lot!) It hasn't been bad though--I've spent the time rebuilding our church's website so that is displays correctly in Internet Explorer and FireFox. I also reworked the banners at the top of the pages so that everything is more uniform. I haven't uploaded all of it, so I'll post the link later.

Illinois Senator Barack Obama appeared at Saddleback on Friday "and declared that condoms should be made more widely available to fight AIDS." A CNN story reported that

In a show of political unity, Obama took an AIDS test with a potential White House rival on the Republican side -- Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas. Brownback draws his support from the conservative evangelical community, but Obama has been urging liberals not to allow the Republican Party to claim it is the party of Christians. Warren also was tested.
Question: Why is Rick Warren getting tested for AIDS?! Oh, the rest of the CNN story here. Commentary at Slice of Laodicea here and here.

On a more seasonal note, tonight we put up our Christmas tree. We've had the same artificial tree since Ryon (our oldest) was three or four. We tried the live tree route a couple of times, but just didn't like the mess-- dead needles, etc. All of the ornaments are hand-made by us or friends (except for the red beads and lights, of course). We listened to Christmas music and was just like the Brady Bunch Christmas. If you're looking for a great Christmas CD, check out Jim Brickman's Christmas Romannce available at Target stores or Jim's website.

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