Monday, December 04, 2006

I Swear on the Bible?

Mike Adams has some interesting and thought provoking thoughts in this commentary about newly elected Congressman, Keith Ellison. Mr. Ellison is not only the first black elected to congress from Minnesota, but he is also the first ever Muslim member of the U.S. Congress.

I am not a "Muslim supporter" (I don't necessarily hate Muslims either) nor do I really care what color skin Keith Ellison sports...what caught my attention is his decision to use a Koran instead of the Bible during his swearing-in ceremony next month. Hmm-- I hadn't really given that "gesture" much thought until I read some of the respondents to Dr. Adams' coluum. This one in particular:

Didn't Bill Clinton take an oath on a bible? Didn't Teddy Kennedy? Chuckie Schumer? Hilliary?...And the value of taking an oath on the bible is ...what? Just asking.

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Brian said...

Everybody's spiritual when election time comes around.