Saturday, May 05, 2007

Windle's Rock Shop Visit

Alex (my youngest) and I went to Windle's Rock Shop Bartlesville this morning. Our visit was part of a science class assignment. Windle's is a fascinating place, full of all kinds of rocks, fossils, and mineral samples, as well as quite an assortment of jewelry and coins, some very rare. They had some actual denarius coins from 30 AD. We thought that was pretty neat to think that someone that had actually seen or spoken to Jesus may have held some of those coins. We ended up buying a piece of sheen obsidian from Mexico, which is volcanic glass. Tammy Ross, a very friendly and knowledgable salesperson, told us that the Aztecs used the sheen obsidian to make arrowheads and blades.

After leaving Windle's, we ate lunch at Murphy's Steakhouse, also in Bartlesville. Murphy's has been around since the mid 1940's--I think. They are known for their "hot hamburger" which is a hamburger patty, covered with homemade french fries, all smothered in brown gravy. Mmmm-good! We settled for cheeseburgers and fries which I thought were good. Alex was unimpressed, but what does he know...he's just a kid!.

On an unrelated note, I can't help but comment on this (click on the image to the right a for larger view.)

I received an email today from which stated: "Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with free shipping." Could someone please explain to me what Mexico's victory over French forces in 1862 has to do with me buying a Bible or "Christian book" and getting it sent to my house for free??!!

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Neil said...

I remember Murphy's from Bartlesville! Glad to see they are still open.

If I find anything related to Cinco de Mayo that actually makes sense, I'll let you know.