Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Win is A Win, But...

Obama won the election; saw that one coming. However, as I look at the election results, something very interesting sticks out to me.

2004 Election Results

  • Bush = 51% 62.0 million votes
  • Kerry = 48% 59.0 million votes
  • Total votes = 121 million

2008 Election Results

  • Obama = 52% 62.6 million votes
  • McCain = 48% 55.5 million votes
  • Total votes = 118 million

Two observations:
(1) BO won the a margin barely more than Bush! ONLY ONE PERCENT!!! How does that happen after you spend over $600 million!!! (Outspent McCain 6-to-1)
(2) Three million FEWER voters turned out for the two parties in this election than in 2004!!! What was all that hub-bub about "record numbers of voters/"

A win is a win, but boy this one sure is lame compared to what we were led to believe would happen!


Scotty said...

I know, it was reported as record turn outs, I saw the same thing as you.

Another observation, when the camera panned to Jesse Jackson openly weeping, was the weeping for joy that Obama won OR because he(Jesse Jackson)didn't get the job!! (grins)

Keith said...

For a race that supposedly wasn't about race, we've sure heard a lot of talk about it! Another interesting thought: BO is bi-racial, not simply African-American. Why is he being touted as the first AFRICAN AMERICAN rather than bi-racial? I guess the "white gene" is suppressed during election years.

Baxter said...

I thought the same thing. I went to vote at mid-morning and there was no waiting. My husband went when people were predicting it be the busiest and he was out of the house and back in less than 15 minutes. What is THAT? However, considering our country's past, the fact that a black couple and their children are moving into the White House is a pretty cool historical event. That does not change the fact that I have HUGE concerns as to Obama's associations and his and Biden's "liberal" stance. WHY is history not obvious to people?

Rick Frueh said...

Keith - I believe the final numbers showed more people voted than in any election since 1960. Obama had over 65 million votes.

Rick Frueh said...

Keith said...

Rick: The numbers I quoted were from early returns. I'm just grateful this election wasn't about race **heavy sarcasm**.

I thought you didn't vote or care about this stuff anyway.

Rick Frueh said...

Keith - I co-sponsered the "Accuracy in Reporting Ammendment".