Sunday, January 18, 2009

Brand New Used Stuff

I went to Lowe's yesterday to pick up a few things for the office I've added on my house. I was installing cabinets and needed some screws and an attachment for my Dremel ® for cutting out the cabinet backs where they covered electrical outlets.

I grabbed the screws, then headed to the Tool Department to find the Dremel aisle. Man, they've got a lot of neat stuff for Dremels. Anyhoo, I found the attachment I was looking for, but noticed it had been opened. Everything appeared to be in the package, but the clamshell container had been cut open, then taped back together. "Someone must have bought the thing and returned it because it didn't fit," I told myself. I noticed on the front of the package it stated "for models xxx, xxx, xxx." "Maybe they had a Dremel that wasn't listed and just failed to pay attention to the label."

I made my way to the self check-out and headed home where I discovered something very interesting: the Dremel thingy had been USED! It was obvious when I got it out of the package! Here's my theory: the person "bought" the item, took it home, used it, then returned it for a refund. Now, maybe they got the thing home and tried it out and it just didn't perform to their expectations...or maybe they went to the store, "pretended" to buy the thing knowing full well they were going to bring it back for a refund after using it. If the latter is the case, that ain't right!

I put the cutting attachment on my Dremel, made my cuts and put everything away, but I couldn't help but wondering how often stuff like that happens.

I've written about it before, but it reminded me of a family I know that, when they needed new clothes for a special event, would go to the store, "buy" the clothes, WEAR THEM being careful not to soil of tear them, THEN RETURN THE ITEMS TO THE STORE FOR A FULL REFUND! That's not even like renting!

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