Wednesday, September 13, 2006


What is it about "blogging?"

  • It gives people a place to put their thoughts "on paper."
  • It gives people a place to rant about things that upset them.
  • It gives people a place to talk about their family or friends or hobbies.
  • It gives people a place to publicly state their opinion about a particular issue.
  • It's a place to engage other people with similar...and sometimes dissimilar views.

A curious thing to me is how many people read AND comment on blogs with which they strongly disagree. I log on to about 15 blogs on a daily basis. I don't read every word-- sometimes I'll skim the titles and decide I'm not "interested" in that particular day's topic. Some times I'll read an entire post. And, every once in a while, I'll post a comment or ask a question, but I don't ever recall posting a comment in opposition to another person's blog. I figure that, if that person takes the time to post something, they surely must believe it and there's probably not much I can say that will change their mind. It would most likely be a waste of my time.

I read blogs written by atheists, agnostics, members of cults (I won't name any for fear of stirring some one up), politicians, etc. knowing I WON'T agree with them. That doesn't keep me from being interested in what they have to say. Sometimes I'm just trying to understand what the "other side" is thinking. I don't leave comments on the ACLU or American Athesist websites. I imagine they've already made up their minds.

I get some interesting comments here sometimes...some pretty angry about something I've said. To all readers/commentors: thanks for stopping by. To those I've upset: I'm sorry you feel that way. Try not to stay mad too long. Let's just agree that we disagree.

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