Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Odds and Ends on Thursday

Calvinism Debate - It's official. Tom Ascol's blog has the details for the upcoming debate, Baptists and Calvinism: An Open Debate. The debate will be held at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA. Participants on the "calvinist side" are Tom Ascol ( Founders Ministries) and James White (Alpha & Omega Ministries). On the "non-calvinist" side, are Emir and Ergun Caner. Ergun's website states that the debate will be carried live on the web. Mark it down-- October 16th.

A quick survey of my office revealed that of the 24 people there:

  • 10 openly claim to be "born-again/Christian."
  • 2 would probably be classified as "agnostic" (I actually heard one of them use the term).
  • 1 will come right out and tell you that he is not a Christian, but "know I should be."
  • 1 made a "public profession" about 18 years ago; he has not been to a worship service in over 16 years.
  • The "Christians" break down like this:
    • 4 Methodists
    • 3 Baptists
    • 1 Catholic
    • 1 Christian Church (Restoration Movement)
    • 1 not a regular attender, but is a "member" of a Christian Church.
    • At least 5 (yes, the "Christians") use profanity on a regular basis.
    • Several particpate in a regularly scheduled "beer and poker night" at the home of one of the non-Christians.
    • There is one smoker in the group.

Pretty diverse group, eh?

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