Wednesday, January 17, 2007

American Idol (or American Delusion)

I've never seen a complete episode of American Idol; I know that Carrie Underwood was an American Idol winner--only because we both are from Oklahoma and that's all everybody talked about for a while. I have no idea when she won and I can't name a single song she sings.

So...after watching most of the two-hour season premiere Wednesday night from Seattle (and I really can't explain why I did) I have to ask: "Do the Idol "participants" have friends?" Who in the HECK is telling some of these people they can sing?!

Absolutely amazing...that many TALENTLESS people can be THAT delusional! Two words: "Bohemian Crapsody!"


Donna said...

I'm with you on this, Keith! I don't know how family and friends can let those people go up and make fools out of themselves like that. The ten minutes I watched was almost unbearalbe!

Keliata said...

Well, there are a number of problems with American Idol. What you've watched is the open auditions when everone comes out of the woodwork just to get on TV. The talent gets much better once it gets narrowed down to the final 12.

But the open auditions? No matter if they don't have talent. AI lets people make fools of themselves. Then you have the cruelty of the judges. Particularly people like Paul Abdul, who is supposed to be the nice one but then laughs at the misguided people once they leave the room. After stroking their fragile egos.

But that's the nature of reality television---cruelty.