Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Free Will Song

MUSICAL WARNING: The "audio" quality of this video is not very good. You make the judgment as to why.

I saw this on the Fide-O blog today. How can a God be so awesome and powerful to be able to create and govern everything, "molding the mountains...holding the mighty waters in His hands", but He has no authority over Man?

According to the theology of the song, God doesn't force anyone -- "I give you freedom, is it 'yes' or 'no'?" -- which means that there are people that are born, live and die, NEVER being destined for heaven. THEIR choice, but God knew before He created them that they would not "choose Him"...and He allowed them to be born anyway. How is that different from the Doctrine of Election which the folks at Pensacola Christian College (and others) decry as "unfair" or "unloving?" The end result is the same, isn't it?


Beal said...


I saw this one the Fide-o blog too but I never thought of it the way you framed it. It totally throws election out the window. Again, good insight.

Keith said...

My intention wasn't to "throw election out the window" but rather to point out what seems to me to be the obvious: Whether God chooses or man chooses, there will ALWAYS be individuals born that NEVER were destined for heaven.

This seems to be the main argument Arminians have with the Doctrine of Election. They say things like: "To elect some and not others isn't far. That means that some people are born without ever having a chance to be saved." My slant is that (using Arminian logic), if God looks into the future and "sees" that someone will not / does not accept Him, then isn't that a done deal? And if so, then THAT individual never was destined for salvation. God knew they wouldn't be saved and yet, He let them be born anyway. I fail to see the difference in the end.