Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Photos

I know, I know. The last few Friday Photo posts have been pictures from the Grand Canyon...but I'm tellin' ya--I just can't get over how spectacular that place is! Words or pictures simply don't do it justice. Neither does the "theory" that the Canyon was carved out over a period of millions and millions of years. I'm not buying it. I don't have time to go into all the details, but suffice it to say, I believe God did it by His own hand...and the earth ain't no billions of years old (I give it 6000 to 10000 tops).

I've always said, the top three places I want to see are: Alaska, the Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone. The Lord has allowed me to see the first two; I can't wait to see the third.

Sunrise at Mather Point - Grand Canyon

Sunrise at Mather Point - Grand Canyon

flickr: Friday Photo Group


Baxter said...

Wow, those really are beautiful photos! So nice you saw two of your goals. I had been talking with our son about "Yellowstone" in history. It's amazing, too! My maternal grandparents used to take regular vacations and always went some where. They have been to the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, amongst other places. They would take one of us grandchildren each year. My sister got the Arizona trip, my brother got the Black Hills of South Dakota, and I got Sleeping Bear Travel Lodge in Ohmaha, Nebraska! But hey, I was just a kid, so it was FUN! :) That was the year they didn't go anywhere "special" because my aunt and her friend were coming in from California and we went there to meet them from the Midwest.

Bart said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one who scoffs at the "billions of years old" thing when I'm watching the Discovery Channel or National Geographic on TV. I'm with you, Keith - I believe only God could make such amazing sights for us to enjoy. And I believe that's why He did it - for our enjoyment.
It also irks me when they talk about how an animal has adapted (some even to the point of growing appendages!) over millions of years to be able to survive their environment. Again, I believe God made them that way because he knew when He created them what physical characteristics they would need to in order to thrive.
By the way, you'll love Yellowstone. It has its own share of heavenly masterpieces.