Saturday, June 23, 2007

Grand Canyon Continued

Standin' on a Corner
Standin' on a Corner in Winslow...On our way to the Grand Canyon, we passed through Winslow, AZ, which if you're a fan of the Eagles, is a big deal. We made Winslow a manditory stop on our trip. Finding "the corner in Winslow Arizona" wasn't that difficult--just follow the signs to "historic downtown Winslow." Standin' on the Corner Park, a tribute to the Eagles' tune Take it Easy, consists of a mural depicting the "girl in a flatbed Ford" as well as a statue of an unidentified man and his guitar. Here's the official website. On October 18, 2004 the building on which the mural of the girl driving the "flat bed Ford" was painted was gutted by fire. Only the outside wall remains. Some of the area is still fenced off, but you can still stand on the corner.

The Blue Swallow Motel
Blue Swallow Motel - TucumcariWe didn't stay there while we were in Tucumcari, but the Blue Swallow Motel is a must see. This unique motel was quite popular in it's "Route 66 heyday." Each room at the motel has it's own garage! Click here for the official website. I think the B/W shot makes the place look more nostalgic.

The Grand Canyon
We spent about two and a half days at the Canyon. I've heard people say: "Oh yeah, we spent half a day (or) one day at the Grand Canyon!" I don't see how they could spend any less than a full day, if not several. We spent the good part of one day doing the "Hermits Rest Route" on the west end of the Canyon Village. Fantastic views! Hopi Point is on this route and is a must see at sunset. Sunset at Hopi Point

We stayed in the Canyon Village, right on the rim, at the Maswik Lodge (Official Website). We had about a five to ten minute walk from our room to the edge of the Canyon. We only drove our car two times while we were there--once to run into town and another time to go to Yavapai Observation Point. The Grand Canyon Park operates a great shuttle service that takes you to all of the views (points). In fact, personal vehicles are not allowed on the Hermits Rest Route.

We took our last picture of the Grand Canyon at Mather Point. (See previous post for sunrise picture).Last photo at the Grand Canyon


Baxter said...

Wow Keith, thanks for sharing! Did you go "into" the Canyon? How long would it take to hike down the Canyon? Is it possible to hike down to the Colorado River?

Now the Eagles song is going on in my head. But, that's ok, it's a great song! :) Loved the story.

I didn't know anything about Route 66 until I lived near it. It's quite historic.

Did you check out that youtube video about the dog, "Faith"?

Baxter said...

I bet if the Blue Swallow Motel could talk it would have a fascinating story to tell.

Keith said...

Baxter: We hiked maybe 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile into the Canyon on two different occasions. No where near the bottom (which is possible). It gets VERY hot at the bottom of the Canyon- 100+ when the rim temperature is 80 or so (F). You can hike to the river or you can ride mules. We chose neither because we are "city wimps" and don't like to sweat that much! 8^)>

Yes, I've seen the video about "Faith." Incredible.

Joe Martino said...

You know, Ingrid wouldn't approve of Coldplay. tsk, tsk, tsk.

Keith said...

to joemartino:
probably not. 8^)>

Joe Martino said...

So, how would you feel if I created a post slamming you as a parent because you pose in a picture where you allow your son to wear a coldplay T-shirt. Then I could call it taking a stand against the devil.
I could call you and your wife all sorts of rude names and talk about my own righteousness and how liberal your church must be. That would be mean and wrong, don't you think?

Keith said...

OK, Joe. I'll bite, but before I do, a couple of questions:
1) Do I know you? What is yours and my connection?
2) As you have implied, I am an unfit parent, but honestly, I don't know what you are talking about re: Coldplay. The only song I can call by name is one entitled "Clocks", I think. Can you give me some information on the band that I may not be aware of?


Joe Martino said...

I found your site off of Slice. I sincerely doubt that you are an unfit parent. I apologize if my intent did not come though on my last post. In fact, I think it would be wrong for me to say that you are an unfit parent based on your child wearing a picture with a Coldplay T shirt on. I was just wondering how you would feel if you were the subject of such a post. As you pointed out, we don't know each other. Ingrid doesn't know the people she attacks and you Amen her. She attacked a Godly man--whom I know. You "Amen'd" her on it. You can think Dave is wrong, you can even believe he is sinning, but to condone what she does seems really bad.
So I'm curiuos, how did you feel when you were reading my last post? Did it make you Angry? Did you want to snap at me? Did you wonder, "who is this guy, who doesn't know me to slam me?"
I imagine that now our discussion will come to an end as I have found that many of Ingrid's followers refuse to even entertain these ideas, but hopefully I've given you something to think about.

Joe Martino said...

BTW, I love the Band. But they do not claim allegiance to Jesus. They do claim to style themselves after U2, another of my favorites.

Keith said...


1) I can't seem to find what is so offensive about "Coldplay", so as a parent, should I be concerned? Have I missed something and should I be having a talk with my son re: this situation? Is there something about their music that would warrant your assuming my "fitness" as a parent? I certainly wouldn't want to give the impression of endorsing a band that is overtly or blantantly "bad" i.e. using filthy language, ridiculing God/Christianity.

2) I not so sure I "Amened" Mrs. Schlueter's comments. I followed the link she provided on her blog and made three personal observations/opinions, which I stand by. No, I don't know the "moviepastor" personally as you do, but all I have to go on is what is posted on his blog. Noting his use of words such as "pi**ed off", repeatedly referring to his wife as "hot" (I don't know if she is or isn't or what that has to do with his ministry), and endorsing what appears to be a carry-in dinner/baptismal service, I made some assumptions--for me, comparing his comments to what I might hear my own pastors say/do. I can't imagine our pastors saying those things...and before you go there, I know that they are not the standard..."Follow me as I follow Christ."

3) How did I feel? I felt like a bad parent. I was worried that I may have missed (and I may have) somthing very important related to the clothing my child wears. AND, I will certainly check into that possibility. Why would I be mad at you? Was that your first emotion toward me? I try not to become angry when someone offers criticism. I try to listen objectively and hopefully hear what they are saying. I will certainly entertain most any argument as long as I have the option to disagree. Actually, you may have done me a favor, and if so, for that I am grateful. Neither I, you or the "moviepastor" are infallible. I would hope that we would all be willing to listening to constructive criticisms and where necessary, actually work to change areas where we are in error. The whole point is to avoid "all appearance of evil" and not cause others to stumble.

4) I think Bono uses the "f" word too much.

Joe Martino said...

No, I wasn't angry. I just thought it was inconsistent that's all. As for him calling his wife hot, that's his prerogative. I realize in the generation you grew up, words had different meanings then they do today. I know you probably will disagree with me on that.
What did you call a bundle of sticks as a kid? Just curious. There was some pretty mean things said about Dave by followers of Ingrid. To me, that doesn't look anything like "follow me as I follow Christ" either.
Keith, I have enjoyed this. I hope you'll give me some thought and I always covet the prayers of those I meet.

Keith said...

1) Where is the information I asked you about re: Coldplay? I just spent the past 30 minutes grilling my kids who insist there is nothing in the song lyrics/ideals professed by the band.

2) We called them "bundles of sticks." I may be older than you, but I did not arrive here on the Mayflower. 8^)>

3) Referring to his own wife, it is your pastor's prerogative to use any term he likes...however, my question would still be: "is term Christ-honoring and could it be interrpreted by a non-believer/believer as something it is not." The Bible tells us that we are responsible for the words we use.

4) What specifically are you referring to in your statement: "I hope you'll give me some thought..." My old brain isn't following you here.

Keith said...

Also, what was "inconsistent?"
Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Baxter said...

Keith, you handled this situation with grace and integrity! And your children seem like children NOT conformed to the pattern of this world.

Keith said...

I'm assuming Joe doesn't have time to continue our conversation.

Joe Martino said...

Sorry Keith, I missed those questions. Thanks for the email. OK, here goes.

1. I like Coldplay. I was saying that I think Ingrid wouldn't like them. If Ingrid were to see say Rick Warren or Rob Bell with his kids in a picture and one of them had Coldplay (again ab band I enjoy) she might write a nasty post about the "new prurient pastors."

2.That's the beauty of this thing, you can go to a church where you feel comfortable. The point is you don't know Dave, you have no idea if he is preaching the Gospel or not. I have no idea what you mean about the whole carry-in dinner thing. At the very best, all you can say is that his use of p#$$ and the term "hot" are issues of conviction not doctrine.

3. To be honest, I had no emotion toward you. This bullet actually bothers me the most, because it was not my intent to make you feel like a bad parent. Certainly it was not my intent to meddle in your kid's lives or how you parent them. More on that after I get to #4.

4.In his songs or just in general?

In the end Keith I was just trying to make a point about how anything can be nitpicked (which is something I think Ingrid does all the time). I find her site to be repulsive and scary. Granted this is just my opinion and I obviously failed at communicating that in a manner that actually was valuable so that's on me.
I just think it's ironic that a man who would seem to give his consent to Ms. Shuelters blog would also allow his children to listen to music that she'd have conniption over. I realize you never claimed to follow Ms. Shuelter.
BTW, Dave isn't my pastor, he's just a guy a know.
My goal was never for you to get your kids to stop listening to Coldplay. I would have been happy if you had stopped going to slice. :)
Well, Did I answer all the questions?

Keith said...

Thanks for answering my questions. My thoughts? (Not that you asked, but it is my blog.)

1) I don't really know if Ingrid Schlueter would approve of Coldplay or not. I don't recall her posting about that group, and I've been reading her blog for quite a while. I think it would be very different if, to use your example, Rob Bell or Rick Warren's children were wearing Marilyn Manson shirts. She would have a point there. As far as I can tell, Coldplay is just another mundane band that sounds like every other group on the radio today. I've read some of their lyrics and I haven't run across anything I would consider immoral or condoning something illegal. I get the feeling the Coldplay shirt was simply something for you to pick on.

2) You're right. I don't know Dave--and from what I've read on his blog, I probably wouldn't care to. I am not comfortable with a "pastor" that uses words and condones movies (just two examples) that are the same words used by and the same movies viewed by the some of my pagan, unsaved co-workers. They think that kind of thing is OK and they ridicule me because I do not.

3) So, what I hear you saying is that there really wasn't anything you found offensive in my blog. You just didn't like the fact that I "agreed" with someone that made an assessment about your friend, so you decided to attack ME.

4) Does it really make it any difference if Bono uses the "f" word in general or in his music? The word is offensive, repulsive and should NEVER be used by someone that is/has been called a "Christian." I think it is very sad that people like Rick Warren don't have the guts to distance themselves from someone that denies Christ by their language. Happened to Peter as you may recall.

I am grateful for the Laodecia website. It brings to light some of the silliness and blasphemy that attempts to pass itself off as Biblical Christianity. The Church today is in BIG TROUBLE. We have gotten away from Biblical worship and reverence for God, who IS loving, but He is also a God that demands we worship Him in the ways He has described in His Word. Some of the tripe labeled as worship/church these days is absolutely repulsive and an abomination to God. Read the book of Zephaniah for a better commentary as to God's opinion of those who do not worhip Him in spirit and truth.

So Joe, that's how I see it. Looks like we're not on the same page in some areas. As you said, "that's the beauty of this thing..." we don't have to agree to have a discussion. I DID think about what you said--I don't agree. I get the sense you would say the same. Fair enough. Thanks for the civil exchange.

Joe Martino said...

1.You're right. I did pick on it. I'd also bet every dollar in my bank account Ingrid would too.--if it was on one of her favorite whipping boys.

2. On this one, we'll just have to agree to disagree. :)

3. I truly didn't mean it as an attack. I'm sorry if it came across that way.

4. No, it doesn't. I just listen to a lot of his music and I didn't remember hearing it. So, I thought I'd ask.

In the end your summation is correct. I'll see you on the other side until then we'll just have to agree to disagree.
It's too bad. :)