Saturday, June 09, 2007

It's Saturday

Catching up on the News
I've been a slackard this week--blogwise and picture-taking-wise (is that a real term?), that is. Busy week at work. Catching up on a few things:

  • Andrew Speaker - idiot TB carrier. STILL a self-centered jerk.
  • Paris Hilton - big, cry-baby. Who cares?!
  • "Amnesty bill" - died on the Senate floor. Rest in peace!
  • Mary Winkler - Tennessee preacher's wife who killed her husband apparently has only about a week to serve of her sentence.¹ There's a story that we'll probably never hear.

On a more serious note, we've began a study last week in our Sunday School class that will take us through most of the "Minor Prophets" during the next three months. Last week, we covered the book of Joel--yep, whole book in one lesson. This week we're looking at Obadiah. I'll be honest, I've never really given much time to the Minor Prophets, so this study will be a learning experience for me as well as the class I teach.

A couple of things that I was not aware of or hadn't really connected.

  • The Edomites were direct descendents of Esau, twin brother of Jacob (son of Isaac).
  • The name "Edom" refers to the time when Esau asked Jacob for some of the "red stew" he had prepared. (See Genesis 25:29-30)
  • The descendents of Jacob (Israel) and Esau (Edom) were perpetual enemies. The Edomites fought with Israel/Judah during the reigns of David, Solomon, Jehoshaphat and Jehoram.
  • Around 5 BC, they were forced from an area just below the Dead Sea to an area of southern Palestine where they became known as "Idumeans."
  • Herod the Great was an Idumean.
  • The Edomites were wiped out in 70 AD, fighting along side the Zealots, when Rome destroyed Jerusalem
The book of Obadiah is God's pronounced judgment on Edom—denouncing their crimes against Judah and foretelling their total destruction. It is also a detailed description of God's sovereignty in exacting judgment. In His time, God avenged Judah and punished the Edomites for their "crimes of war" against God's chosen people. If you want more details of God's the book. Fascinating 21 verses.

Obadiah is a solemn reminder to us, that God, in His sovereignty, rules over ALL nations, never forgetting those who are His...and punishing those who dare come against them.

¹ Mary Winkler was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter. She was sentenced to three years in prison, but will be eligible for probation after serving 210 days and gets credit for the 143 days she has already spent in jail. The judge in the case said that up to 60 days of the remaining 67 days could be served in a facility whre she could receive mental health treatment. (Source: AP)


Baxter said...

I think that is SO cool that you covered the whole book! I think you get so much more! Sometimes it seems we feel we can only take nibbles and not bite off really big chunks!

Keith said...

Going through an entire book at that pace is quite different than we're used to. We are using LifeWay's "Explore the Bible" cirriculum as a guide, which will take us through the entire Bible in an eight or nine year period (I don't recall the exact timeframe). Previously, we had gone through the Gospel of John, pretty much verse-by-verse. There is definetly some benefit to taking an "overview" approach--helps see how the books/events interconnect. Also helps put things in a more chronological order.

I'm probably learning more than the class members.