Tuesday, August 07, 2007

All You Need Is Love

I saw this on a billboard yesterday--advertising for a church in the area. Wonder where they're going with this?


Anonymous said...

I think I saw that sign. What church was it "promoting"?

Keith said...

FBC-Tulsa. Like I said, who knows where they are going with that. I'd like to think it's NOT the way the Beatles thought it was (e.g. "All you need is love..." and "Imagine there's no heaven..." My beef with campaigns or titles like this are that they're just "hooks" (in my opinion) designed to draw a crowd.

Rick Beckman said...

The Gospel According to the Beatles...

...because Luke, Mark, Matthew, and John failed at getting the point across?


I've never heard of a church promoting something like that. I've read a couple of books along those lines, though -- "The Gospel According to Dr. Seuss" was actually quite good. The other, "The Gospel According to the Peanuts," was good until out of nowhere it made the claim that Jesus didn't *really* believe there was a Hell -- how could He because Hell is imaginary, claims the author.

(Note that book titles are approximations from memory...)

The whole "Gospel According to..." thing seems very emergent to me, which ain't a good thing. God's already told us exactly what He meant to tell us, and while I agree that we are part of His unfolding plan or story of history, we shouldn't have the mindset that we are to "evolve" or "reinterpret" what God has set out to tell us by imagining God & His Gospel in new, societally relevant ways.

Such is *not* preaching the Word and seems an affront to that most sacred of callings.

Unknown said...

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John.....and Ringo?