Thursday, August 30, 2007

I Need a Break

I need a break from some of the blogs I read. A lot of what I read online is connected in some way with doctrine/theology/church life/etc. Some of it falls under the category of "critique" of other ministries, some of it deals specifically with and in defense of the "emerging or emergent church" (however you choose to label it).

After looking at this, this, and this, I've reaffirmed my belief that some of these so-called pastors exist simply to generate as much controversy as possible--to be as flippant, "in-your-face" irreverant as they can be. One of them actually states his goal is to "tick people off." A Biblically, noble, Christ-honoring goal I must say. It makes me sick and sad at the same time. They claim they are seeing conversions in droves, but what are the people converting to? least for now, I'm taking a break from reading their tripe. My blood pressure will be better for it.

An encouraging thought: it ain't gonna last. This fad will go the way of others before them. Two years ago, you couldn't swing a dead cat in a Christian bookstore without knocking over a Purpose Driven Steak Knife Set, Purpose Driven Swiss Army Knife or Purpose Driven Combination Mouse Pad/Daily Journal/food processor! These guys and their silliness will go away...I just hate to think of the bodies of unsuspecting "followers" that will be scattered along the wayside.

The emerging bloggers won't miss me...and I certainly won't miss them.

PS: I've got set a "Prayer of Jabez" lawn furniture listed on eBay if anyone is interested.


Chris Elrod said...

Love your have a great sense of humor...sorry about getting your blood pressure up. I love "Hunt For Red October" to hang out with R.C. some...sorry too hear about the choo chaffing and...if you're ever in Los Angeles...go to a jazz club called "The Baked Potato". Larry Carlton sits in with the house band unannounced most Wednesday's amazing!!! Most weeks Alex Acuna and Abe Laboriel are up there jamming with him.

Keith said...

Thanks for stopping by. I'm still trying to ditch that lawn furniture.

Chris Elrod said...

That line had me cracking well as the "Purpose Driven Combination Mouse Pad/Daily Journal/food processor"!

Dead Theologians said...


Being one of the blogs that critiques at times I found myself this week thinking "man, I need a day off from this blogging jazz."

Hence, I am right there with you on this.
Thanks for the good blog.
BTW, I have a Purpose Driven Twister Set for Overweight People with only one spot if someone is interested. It's a real workout.

Keith said...

DT: Hey, I'm down with that Twister game!! Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy your blog as well.