Saturday, October 20, 2007


My sons and I just spent the past couple of days in Cleveland, Ohio. Our ultimate destination: the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We had a BLAST! More pics and blogging later. I'm tired and glad to be back home.



Baxter said... :)

Baxter said...

I like this one better. :)

Keith said...

There's nothing better than your own bed in your own home...although the hotel we stayed in had "Sleep Number" beds and that was kinda neat. My sleep number is somewhere between 35 and 55-- I think.

Neil said...

Cool! We have relatives in the Cleveland area and saw the Hall of Fame a few years back. But we somehow missed the basement, which apparently had tons of cool stuff! We were given the impression that it just had bathrooms and such.

Beal said...

Keith whats up? we haven't talked in awhile! Nice to see you're still at it.

Keith said...

St. Brianstine:
Good to hear from you! I've been checking your blog from time-to-time. Man, your little one is GROWiNG. It happens really fast! My oldest is 19; will be 20 in March. Seems like yesterday we were in the hospital awaiting the grand arrival.

Spent the later part of the previous week in Cleveland (they love their Indians); checked out he R&R Hall of Fame. Really cool! I'll blog about that more later.

Thanks for stopping by. Do you ever hear from Pastor Jim?

Keith said...

Man, you guys DID miss some good stuff. The "basement" had/has some really nice stuff.