Friday, October 05, 2007

Slow Week and Friday Photos

Not really much to talk about this week. I am trying to wean myself from a couple of blogs I read on a regular basis. I not going to link them here, but suffice it to say, they do not encourage me in my Christian walk. (Don't worry--they're not "porn" sites or anything like that.)

Friday Photos

Fire Bouquet

I named this photo "Fire Bouquet." Some of the metals we use in our shop require us to preheat them before they can be welded. This burner is sitting on the inside of a channel cylinder for a shell and tube heat exchanger.

Drill 1

This is one of the Carlton vertical drills we have in our shop. It looks old because it is!

flickr: Friday Photo Group

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Rick Frueh said...

Only viewing devotional sites will not hinder your walk. Sometimes participating in blog discourse allows God to show us where we need emotional work and love of all brethren.

Don't take it too seriously, man, it isn't.