Monday, October 29, 2007

Self-Serving Missional Post

This post appeared on the Christian Research Network (CRN) this past weekend. Seems a church in Kentucky is encouraging its members to "send letters of love and support to troubled pop star Britney Spears, described by the pastor as having made 'devastating life choices.'" You can read the entire news article here.

I don't doubt for a minute that Ms. Spears needs, not only love and support, but more importantly, salvation. Her bizarre lifestyle of late also indicates she probably could have used a little more parental oversight during her growing up years...and maybe the "rod of discipline" applied to her "seat of knowledge" a little more often.

That said, I think the church in question is using Britney's latest media grabbing antics as nothing more than a publicity stunt themselves. As others have already asked, and I tend to agree: Would the church be so quick to offer their "love and support" to someone less famous? Are there not any young adults in their area making some of the same bad choices as Britney?

Whatever the church's reason, CRN's decision to question their motives has raised the ire of the contributors to this website, whose sole purpose appears to be critcizing most anything and everything CRN posts. They refer to CRN as a "watchdoggie" site. That's kinda funny. They are the "watchdog" for the "watchdog."

The bottom line, I'm looking for a few more hits on my blog myself, so I've purposely included "britney" in the tags for this post. I wonder if there is a "watchdog" watching me?


Ken Silva said...

"I wonder if there is a "watchdog" watching me?"


Um, but in a good way. ;-)

Neil said...

I'm obsessed with all things Britney, which is how I found your site.

Seriously, I think you nailed it. Does she need help? Of course. But it sure looks like a cheap way to get publicity to me.

Henry (Rick) Frueh said...

Neil - maybe, but who can accurately tell. Like a cheetah mom who catches a baby gazelle and lets her cubs chase her down, this could just be a church's way to teach caring by an easy target.

Or maybe they are really praying for her. Only God should post about their motives because only He knows.

Keith said...

Rick: Maybe Tim and others at your other blog need to hear those same words: "...Only God should post about their motives because only He knows." I doubt they would listen; they seem to believe they are capable of discerning the motives/hearts of most anyone...especially if they disagree with them.

Having personal experience with churches in the same "denomination," I tend to believe many of them jump on just about any bandwagon that comes along...especially if it shows promise of increasing in numbers.

I still say it's a cheap publicity stunt, but time may tell.

Thanks for stopping by.

Fake Ken Silva said...

Is Britney from Kentucky originally? Is that why this church has "targeted" her? OR is it just more of the same NEO EVANGELICAL CRAP?