Thursday, November 08, 2007

Patriotism = White Crap?

I salute the flag. I say the "Pledge of Allegiance." I stand at attention and sing the national athem--loudly--including the high notes. In spite of all the things that are wrong with America, it's still a great place to live. There's a guy down the street from our shop that seems to think so, too. He took several days and painted his privacy fence red, white and blue. Then some knucklehead came along, decided the paint job was lacking and added his own, personal touch (opinion) to the fence. I guess it's now considered racist to be patriotic.

White Crap?

flickr: Friday Photo Group


Baxter said...

Woooo, it's getting hot in here. I feel like it's 212 degrees inside.

Benjamin P. Glaser said...

More like 451 degrees baxter...