Thursday, October 09, 2008


Bailout my hind-end!!! We should boot EVERY incumbent that voted for that idiotic piece of junk...unless of course you make children's wooden arrows, then you're a happy camper.

Fact: Senators and Congressmen/Women are obviously incapable of doing the "right thing" without being bribed.


Scotty said...

I agree keith! I haven't been this angry with politicians in a LONG time. Usually I watch it all for entertainment.

What really frosts me is that there is only a hand full of people naming names.

nacotaco said...

Hi Keith!, every time I watch the news I envision a bunch of clown cartoon characters holding a ball that looks curiously like the world zig zagging precariously in a old jalopy screaming at the top of their lungs on a wild ride....The great depression I`m sure was a scary ride.....I am so glad Jesus found me....otherwise I`d be running around like a chicken with its head-off wringing my hands......oh and no you didn`t reveal too much! Just enough to see your character!..take care keith...........nancy