Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why Obama Will Win


It's simple. The picture above explains it all. Obama will win the election because many people--MANY AMERICANS--are lazy, self-centered, slugs. They believe it's someone else's job to clean up after them. That's why they don't do something as simple as putting their shopping cart in the rack after they unload it at Wal-Mart. "Someone else will get it." "It's too far across the parking lot to walk." Basically, they don't give a crap!

How does that tie in with an Obama victory? He has promised to take care of those same lazy, self-centered slugs by taking money from the EVIL rich people (according to his definition) and giving it to people who think they are "entitled" to something.

Just like it's easier to just leave the shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot, it's easier to sit on your butt and collect a check rather than earning one.


Rick Beckman said...

Working to actually earn what you receive? Why, that sounds like just the sort of backwards thinker you Bible thumpers just won't let go of!

(You're probably exactly right, Keith. Thanks for the observation.)

Rich Beckman said...

Once upon a time stores had employees that gathered the carts up. It was part of what was known as "customer service".

Then some store or other decided that it didn't want to spend money on customer service and started trying to guilt customers into taking care of the carts themselves.

But some customers still think that cart collection should be customer service.

Yeah, and some are lazy. And I'm SURE that has everything to do with the coming election results.

I mean, when Bush won the last two elections, all the carts were always being put into the corrals, right?