Friday, October 10, 2008


My youngest son recorded this song. He laid down all the tracks and mixed it on an eight-track (not the old 8-track) recorder. Not bad, I think.


Owasso Bob said...


Very cool! I always knew that boy had talent!

Bob H.

Scotty said...

Not bad at all.

There is some great software out there that would allow your son to work with a lot more recording tracks.

Most of it's only limited by the computer you're using. More is always better in a computer when one does stuff like this. Audio can be a heavy RAM user and hard drive eater of space.

I've been recording for years in this way. I use the Calkwalk products. There is some very inexpensive stuff out there.

Baxter said...

Beautiful, tranquil music. Is is ignorant to assume he played all those instruments? Give him kudos, he did a great job!

yukonbound2 said...

very nice.

Keith said...

Thanks to all for the compliments. Alex is 15; he recorded both guitars as well as the percussion.

Keith said...

Scotty: The recorder he used was a Fostex MR-8. Not really sure if that means anything.

Scotty said...

Yep, very familiar with all the Fostex gear. And they do OK for what they are.

With computer software that is availiable today, he could have 300 tracks(midi and audio) studio at his fingertips.

They all come with almost unlimited amout of effects to enhance what is being done. And for a lot less money than what the Fostex cost.

One of my favortie effects? I have a unit that corrects my pitch when I'm singing and it does it on the fly.....VERY important when ones pipes are almost 60 years old!! ;)