Monday, October 09, 2006

No Debate / The Savior is Waiting

It looks like the debate on Calvinism at Lynchburg has been called off. I was really looking forward to hearing it.

The Savior is Waiting
When I was in Youth Group many years ago, we sang a song entitled The Savior is Waiting. The lyrics (in part) went something like:

The Savior is waiting to enter your heart
Why don't you let Him come in?...
Time after time
He has waited before
And now He is waiting again
To see if you are willing
To open the door
Oh, how He wants to come in.

We would sing this tune at the end of our Youth meetings or at church camp during the "invitation" while the minister/preacher pleaded with people to "come forward" to be saved. The process was pretty much always the same. If no one came forward after a couple of verses, the preacher would have everyone bow their head and closes their eyes ("every head bowed, every eye closed") and begin to ask if there was "anyone in the audience that wanted to make a decision for Christ, but just couldn't/didin't have the courage to walk that aisle. If that describes you, just raise your hand right where you are. (Long pause) I see that hand--thank you. I see those hands--yes, yes..."

After asking for people to raise their hands, the preacher would then proceed to tell those who had (raised their hands) that they needed to "come forward, while no one is looking." Someone usually (finally) went forward.

Looking back, it all seems manipulative to me. I don't think Jesus "stands at the door", knocking, hoping, not really sure that someone will eventually answer the door so He can save them.

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