Thursday, May 08, 2008

If I Were President

I've been at my parent's home in the Florida panhandle for the last week, so I've been somewhat out of pocket. However, several things have caught my attention since my return that I feel compelled to address. Please note, I am NOT looking for anyone's approval/disapproval or for an if you happen to read this and disagree, don't waste your time trying to "convert me." I won't respond.

Philadelphia Police Brutality
There is a very simple lesson here, boys and girls: If you stand on the street corner and shoot at people, then run from the police, DO NOT...I repeat...DO NOT be surprised or even think about crying when they catch you, drag your sorry behind out of the car and proceed to BEAT THE DOG OUTA YOU!!!

Ethnic Pride
I've heard Barack Obama speak about his "African American" heritage. What I'm trying to figure out is: If his Father was black and his mother (whom I don't believe we've ever seen) was white, how come the "African American Pride gene" was more dominant than the "White American Pride gene?" Just asking.

Lethal Injection/Death Penalty
Back in April, the Supreme Court "upheld Kentucky’s method of execution by lethal injection, rejecting the claim that officials there administered a common sequence of three drugs in a manner that posed an unconstitutional risk that a condemned inmate would suffer acute yet undetectable pain." (Source) As of January/February 2008, there are 3,263 inmates on Death Row in American Prisons (Source). (Just for sake of comparison, the town I grew up in boasted a population of just a little over 3000.) California, Florida and Texas lead the pack with 669, 388, and 370 respectively. I say we start lining 'em up and free up a little real estate.

FINALLY...If I Were President
If I were President of the United States, and had the power (the President really doesn't have the power to DO much of anyhing) I would implement the following policies (in no particular order of importance). This is by no means an exhaustive list; just a start.

  • Congressmen, Senators, etc (State and Federal levels) would be required to have actually held a REAL JOB before they could "serve." Sorry Ted Kennedy and Barack Obama. Being a lawyer doesn't count, either.
  • Lawmakers would not have their own "health care system." They would be required to find group insurance just like the rest of us.
  • Leftover monies raised for campaigns would be donated to the Red Cross (or similar organization) once a lawmaker left office. You don't get to keep it!
  • Prisons would become prisons. Make it so no one would ever want to go there. No cable, weight room, etc. We would bring back the "chain gangs" and they would be put to work ACTUALLY DOING the jobs we pay many government workers to do while they lean on a shovel or other work implement.
  • Fair Tax (Website) IMMEDIATELY. IRS---out of business.
  • Zero tolerance for gangs/gang activity.
  • Twenty plus years for appeal of death sentences are GONE. Trial--guilty verdict--one year (max) to review--next day: your last meal and your last breath.
  • No more fighting wars /police actions like a bunch of girls. Go in--kick butt--and take names! It's done. We're too STINKIN' NICE!!!
  • Lawmakers cannot serve for life. TERM LIMITS--max 2.
  • School teachers would be paid a decent wage for being GOOD TEACHERS. Get rid of the dead wood, I don't care how long you've been "in the system."
  • Voter identification in all 50 states...IN ENGLISH. You can't read? I don't want you voting on how things are done.

That's enough for now. I may be back.

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Baxter said...

Now see, THAT's what I'm talking about! You've got my vote! :)